SEL S.p.A.

SEL is a continuously growing , dynamic Italian company that produces (manufactures) switchboards, MV and LV devices and transformation stations.
Sel is specialized in designing its products ,including the components. It also can supply a complete offer to the market: components, boards and turnkey solutions.
Some reasons of our growth are for sure the entrance in new markets by opening our branch and the increasing of investments in research and in new products.


From the idea to its application.

To like your job is the best way to do it very well. Following this concept we have always designed our products focusing our attention to their application, so that “from the idea to its application” is not only a slogan but it has always been our method of job shared by management and collaborators. The red line which has always linked together all the efforts of the company, is to turn ideas into products concentrating on their applications. We have developed this concept in order to build a corporate assets made of good clients and our own “Know How”. We have later increased the number and the “quality” of our clients and we have developed our products starting from the design. This has been our mission. We don’t think to have achieved it yet, because we must not ever regard ourselves as arrived to the top and we can always improve ,but we can strongly affirm that our company offers a range of interesting products, so that we have been able to enter in the global international market.
Following our corporate policy we have created several products completely designed by us and realized under our direct control that starts from the components and arrives to the applications. Today we can say that Sel can cover every necessity of the secondary MV Distribution up to 40.5 kV with its products. Very soon will arrive other new products that will hopefully let us go on working and exporting our job Our mission is to take up the challenge of the global market using the high technological content of our job and products, in order to be global leading players. It is still possible to take up the challenge of the global market thanks to the pleasure that we find in doing our job and to the cleverness of the people who work in this company.

Good job for everybody.

Some Milestones in History of SEL


Foundation of SEL
Founders of SEL , Alessandro and Leonardo Leporatti, could take advantage from their experience in the family business that their father, Giorgio, started at the beginning of the 60’s and where they realized big electrical plants of every kind.
They started in a small workshop collocated in the countryside from the windows of that it was possible to admire the hills where the famous genius Leonardo da Vinci was born.


Developing original business and new solution in MV switchboards.
From the foundation date up to 1994 SEL continues to develop the previous family traditional business realizing big plant for generation, distribution and automatization including main switchboards for navy. Further SEL introduces new solutions in the MV switchboards, revolutionizing the market by providing two times more compact solution for MV substations.


Birth of a new Product TPS
Totally designed by SEL R & D Department. SF6 isolated TPS “Three Position Switch”. TPS SF6 switch is a turning point for SEL, meaning a new era of growth and success and starting business abroad.
SEL concentrates its force on MV switchgears.


New SEL Headquarter
Located in Lamporecchio


SEL registered its Logo
According with Madrid Agreement and protocol


Birth of a new Product TPR6 GIS
New experts in the field and invests more in research.


SEL Introduces its own TCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker
TCB medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for indoor installation are “sealed for life” pressure systems (IEC 62271-1) and they are manufactured using the separate pole technique. Each pole contains a vacuum interrupter which is incorporated in the resin.


SEL becomes a private limited  company SEL S.p.A.


SEL Introduces the New TPR6 24kV GIS


SEL Redesign the TPS Switchgear


SEL Compact Station
SEL presents its fully tested Compact Station according to IEC 62271-202


SEL Introduces the New TPR6 36kV – 40,5kV GIS


Birth of a new Product PLS
SEL introduces its PLS 24kV and 36kV – 40,5kV (Pole mounted switch disconnector).


Birth of a new Product TPR6 PLUS GIS
For Primary Distribution SEL introduces a new Switchboard:

Up to 2500A – 24kV
Up to 2000A – 36kV


NEW Building
SEL has much expanded its factory and implemented a new production layout


Birth of a new Product TPR6 HP
Derived from TPR6 PLUS GIS
TPR6 HP is an High Performance Switchboard:

36kV – 40,5kV
25kA 3sec


TPS Performances Increasing 
Successfully tested in C.E.S.I. Up to 21kA 1s.
A-FLR Internal Arc.


TPR6 12-17,5-24kV Performances Increasing 25kA 3s

Successfully tested in C.E.S.I. Up to 25kA 1s A-FLR Internal Arc Proof..

New Compact dimensions for indoor and outdoor