TPR6 36kV


  • Power supply companies.
  • Power stations.
  • Cement industry.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Iron and steel works.
  • Windmills.
  • Mining industry.
  • Textile, paper and food industries.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Petroleum industry.
  • Pipeline installations.
  • Offshore installations.
  • Electrochemical plants.
  • Petrochemical plants.
  • Shipbuilding industry.
  • Diesel power plants.
  • Emergency power supply installations.
  • Lignite open-castmines.
  • Traction power supply systems.

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TPR6 is a complete ring main unit range suitable for all the switching operations in 40,5kV, secondary distribution network.
Operating safely in a distribution network requires different switching points to obtain maximum service continuity in case of fault on the network.

Construction Characteristics

TPR6 is a completely “sealed for life” system with a stainless steel tank containing all live parts and switching devices. A hermetically sealed steel tank from the outside environment ensures a high level of reliability as well as personal safety. The structure can withstand the electrodynamics stresses during the operation.
The operating mechanism, movable mimic and voltage signaling lamps are positioned in the front panel. Switches are operated by means of spring-operated mechanisms.
Movable mimic gives the position of the switch whereas the voltage signaling lamp indicates the voltages. Fuses and cable compartment are easily accessible through the front door which is interlocked with the earth switch. Should the low voltage auxiliary compartment be present, it is situated above the ring main unit.

  • A wide range of products covering your present and future requirements.
  • Modular cubicles adapted to future extensions.
  • Possibility to mount auxiliary components under voltage.
  • Options to anticipate the telecontrol.
  • Small dimensions and reduced weights for easier handling and installation.
  • Reduced civil works costs.
  • During the testing cable operation it is not needed to break the earthing busbar system of the switchgear.
  • Interlock operated by earthing switch prevents unsafe operations.
  • Additional interlocks to prevent incorrect operations.
  • All active parts of the TPR6 are contained in a sealed tank of stainless steel making it deal for installation in difficult ambient conditions.
  • Simple operations.
  • All the control operations are carried out from the front by means of a simple devices.
  • Small dimensions and reduced weights facilitate easy installation.
  • Solutions adapted to cable connection.
  • TPR6 has long service life.
  • Maintenance free live parts which are integrated in vacuum or in a sealed tank of stainless steal.
  • Control mechanisms are intended to function with reduced maintenance under normal operating conditions.
  • High level of electrical endurance when breaking.
  • Up to 40,5kv

  • 630A – 1250A