Quality –  UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

All the manufacturing process follows a quality procedure certified by TUV in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
The production conforms with the specific quality manual which is updated regularly in the way that it reflects the most recent applicable quality control procedures.

Certifications – According to the most important standards, our products have been type tested in the following laboratories:

CESI Italian experimental electro technical centre in Milan

National Electro technical institute “Galileo Ferraris” in Turin

SINAL Laboratories

XIAN Laboratory of China

CNAS Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribuition Testing Center Co.,Ltd.

ICMET Craiova – Romania

Quality Policy

Within the scope of its activity included in the scope of the Quality Management System, SEL S.p.A. defines the following policy

The Management, aware of the need to continuously satisfy the Customers’ expectations, has decided to create a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The Management of SEL S.p.A. undertakes to achieve its objectives in harmony with the satisfaction of all the parties involved and to maintain over time a high quality of the products offered, through:

  • setting up the relationship with the client on the basis of principles of complete collaboration, refining its sensitivity in grasping and assessing their explicit and implicit needs and expectations;
  • collaboration with suppliers;
  • continuous improvement and updating of the quality and the type of products and services provided;
  • the involvement of personnel at all levels in the implementation of the Quality System, with the awareness that it is a fundamental resource for achieving the objectives and for the development of the company.

The company commitment to Quality is based on the principle that everyone has to:

  • be directly responsible for the quality and the result of his work;
  • contribute to the continuous improvement of company effectiveness and efficiency;
  • identify, report and delete, as required by the Quality Management System, every possible cause of waste and non-compliance in the use of resources and in the management of the various company processes;
  • understanding, respecting and satisfying the needs and expectations of customers;
  • work to ensure that the internal climate of the company and the relationships with colleagues develop in respect and constructiveness for achieving the objectives set;
  • operate in compliance with the laws in force and with the prescriptions and procedures established internally.