SEL develops specialized MV solutions in various sectors


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By His Own Technology

Since its inception, SEL has developerd all its product through its own design.
SEL has never used licenses from other brands.
Design, research, testing, patents, certification and manufacturing production have always been carried out by SEL S.p.A.

Improved exhaust gas management

All SEL’s Switchgear series have Internal Arc test proof on the four sides (A-FLR) including cable box, and if present busbar ducts, tested in CESI Milan. We provide all kind of solution to drive the exhausted gases with Downward, Upward solutions, or with a personalized duct to drive the gases outside the cabin with a special flap to install to guarantee the IP54 protection.

  • Downward (Indoor & Outdoor solutions)

  • Upward (Outdoor solutions)

  • Upward (Indoor solution with customized gas exhaust duct, an external IP54 flap can be provided upon request)

Remotely Control

Versatile and modular solution for automation and monitoring distribution network. Thanks to it’s compact dimension is ideal for project where installation
space is limited..

Now you can collates up to 2000 signals (together with I/O modules) for direct routing to SCADA systems over IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, DNP3 or Modbus protocol and it is possible communicates with the control center through an integrated 2G/3G/4G(LTE) modem. It also has LAN and WiFi interfaces for easier configuration and access.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The function of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) consists of the automatic switching of the power source, ensuring functional continuity on the load thanks to the almost negligible switching times between sources.

  • Switch Source in less then 200ms when installed on CB units

  • Switch Source in less then 7s when installed on Switch units

  • Presonalized threshold switching sources